LGPL v3 Instructions

SSH Commander uses Qt 5.15.2 under the terms of LGPL v3. This requires us to provide the source of Qt as well as instructions on how to build a modified version of Qt and use it to replace the Qt libraries shipping with SSH Commander.


Step 1: Download Qt

You can Download Qt 5.15.2 from our Website.

Step 2: Extract the Code

tar xf qt-everywhere-src-5.12.2.tar.xz
cd qt-everywhere-src-5.12.2

Step 3: Modify the Qt Code

Modify whatever parts of Qt you want to change.

Step 4: Build


Step 5: Replace Dynamic Libraries

The dynamic libraries of Qt in the SSH Commander App Bundle are contained in the directories SSH\ Commander.app/Contents/Frameworks and SSH\ Commander.app/Contents/Plugins. Replace the libraries therein with those you modified.

Step 6: Resign the App/Disable Signature Checking

macOS will refuse to launch this modified app bundle because by replacing some of the dynamic libraries you broke the cryptographic signature of the application. Therefore you need to sign it again with your own certificate.
codesign -s YOUR_IDENTITY --force --deep SSH\ Commander.app/
If you don't have a certificate you can also (temporarily) disable System Integrity protection which allows you to launch the modified SSH Commander App Bundle with an invalid signature:
  1. Restart your Mac into recovery mode
  2. Start the Terminal from the Utilities menu
  3. Execute the command "csrutil disable"
  4. Reboot your computer